Set up for structural improvements of your organisation, department(s) and/or teams by tackling the complex and sometimes chaotic challenges ahead.
FRISS (current assignment)
a.i. Transition/Transformation Manager
Currently talking and analysing what’s needed for the Product Department to be more efficient and cost effective.
ad interim Product Manager/Owner. Assignment was to hit the ground running and create clarity and order for several Products & Teams.
  • MyNewMotion (web)
  • EV Charging (app)
  • Home Charging (app), under construction
  • Customer Care (web), internal tool

  • Clear way of working & ownership
  • Aligned Roadmap Q1
  • Focus and time to upgrade/stabilise legacy system
  • Higher ownership of the teams on how to deliver the customers needs
  • Happier individuals & teams

Testimonial from CTO
Nationale Nederlanden,


  • Descaled by dropping the LeSS framework and providing the means to go “back to basics” with Scrum & Kanban, Service Management and Project Management
  • Bottlenecks in operations, delivery, teams and organisational structure identified and improvement steps defined for higher value delivery and higher employee satisfaction
  • Successful high impact redesign/reorganisation with positive advise from Work Council.
  • Less hierarchy, clear goals and agile way of working
  • Personal coaching in servant leadership, operational excellence, lean thinking for Management team, Product Owners and Scrum Masters
  • Lead transition team and providing blue print for transition period

Roles: Senior Agile Coach, Transformation Lead, Consultant
Testimonial on LinkedIn by client
Fontem Ventures
“Jaap was integral in the successful restructure and agile transformation of our organisation; one of the things I most admired was his honest, collaborative approach.“
Mike Thompson – Product Owner Fontem
  • Transformed digital department including 5 product teams and management to Agile/Scrum way of working
  • Increased velocity and value output of the teams by 50-100%
  • Coached product owners from scribe to business representative level and scrum masters to operational agile coaches
  • Implemented and improved support processes, including major incident management and release management
  • Created and implemented BI roadmap transforming team from product to service orientated team with BI manager

Roles: Operations Manager, Agile Coach, but also: Product Owner BI, Scrum Master, Support Manager, general Swiss Army Knife
“Jaap was our Agile Coach in our Agile Transformation Project. He trained various team members in the organisation successfully as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Agile Coaches. He has a unique combination of business knowledge, people knowledge and Agile “know how” that helped our organization to grow to the next level. Under his guidance we changed the way we worked from waterfall to agile, and were able to deliver changes in half the time, with an increased customer satisfaction”
Henk Witke, Head of Program and Project Services @ Fujitsu
  • Delivered agile transformation blueprint for agile transformation to be implemented globally
  • Transformed teams from cost centers to revenue driven, from re-active to pro-active value driven client partners
  • Changed service delivery managers to professional product owners (Sponsor level)
  • Changed ITIL change managers to professional scrum masters
  • Coached 3 new agile coaches to implement delivered transformation blueprint

Roles: Agile Coach, Operational Transformation Manager
“With Jaap in my team in the role of product owner and agile coach, we managed to merge two data teams into one product team in a short time. We then proceeded to deliver a state-of-the-art big data/business intelligence solution in almost 8 months’ time that was able shorten our core analysis process from 8 weeks to 1 week reduce manual labor of our analysts by 25%. Jaap was a great driver in accomplishing these results. He is a quick thinker, is very honest and has the talent to give you insights in a very constructive way.”
Arnoud Andeweg – Manager Consumer & Business Intelligence @ BrandLoyalty
  • Delivered in 8 months a automated data warehouse reducing analysis time of loyalty programs from 3 weeks to 3 days including data load from 3 days to 10 min for 1 TB
  • Delivered support processes for improving and maintaining the DWH
  • Changed 5 CBI teams to agile/scrum way of working
  • Changed consultants to product owner (business representative level)

Role: Product Owner CBI, Agile Coach
For public and private, profit and non-profit and governmental companies and organisations:
  • Transformed teams from separated dev, ops and support to “you build it, you run it”
  • Combined Agile/Scrum and ITIL best practices
  • Initiated mindset change from product to service orientation

Role: Service and Support Manager (including line management)
For public and private, profit and non-profit and governmental companies and organisations:
  • Coached individuals in complex problem solving, facilitating teams, RCA, risk management, decision making, project management
  • Trained individuals and teams from “basic” to “train the trainer” level
  • Implemented new ways of working for clients such as NXP, EBPI, KPN, Fujitsu, Johnson&Johnson, Police, Military
  • Facilitated several large scale complex problems, major incidents, and crises, reducing time to resolution 100-1000%

Roles: Senior Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Project Manager, Crisis Manager
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